Word of the Weekend 12.7-9.18

Vitiate - To spoil


  Questions to consider: Can someone’s character become vitiated?—if so, how? If you were to eat vitiated food, what would you do? Why do you think vitiated foods smell worse than fresh foods?

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Dr. Vocabulary

Who is Dr. Vocabulary?

It began my freshman year in college. I had to present on a novel, so I chose A.C. Clarke’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. As I read, however, I continually encountered unfamiliar words. After looking up their definitions, I drew little pictures in the margins to help me remember their meanings. Since then, I’ve drawn thousands to help students learn difficult words for the SATs, ACTs, GREs, MATs, etc. While tutoring, I earned master’s degrees in English Education (MSEd) and English Literature (MA), completed my doctorate (EdD), and joined Mensa. My goal now is to help students across the world grow their vocabularies. If you have suggestions, questions, or would like a word cartoon of your choice drawn and posted on WordCartoons.com, please email me: DrFurnell@WordCartoons.com. Enjoy!

 ~Dr. Joshua Furnell, EdD  “Dr. Vocabulary”

What's this all about?

WordCartoons.com was founded on two principles: 1. Vocabulary is important, and 2. We think in pictures: Students who learn vocabulary using visual mnemonics retain significantly more than students who don’t. Each Word of the Day cartoon is hand-drawn and digitized to maximize retention. The definitions here, and in my books, however, were written with simplicity in mind and are not comprehensive.  In order to get a thorough sense of a word’s meaning, ask your English teacher or consult reliable sources: dictionaries, thesauruses, reference texts, etc.—especially when preparing for tests.

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