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Osculate 11/14/18

Questions to consider: Did you ever wonder how kissing, or osculating, came about? Any theories? What are some reasons we osculate? Did you know that many different kinds of animals osculate? Check out this video! How would the world be if there were no more osculating?   College and Career

Lambent 11/13/18

Questions to consider: Which lambent objects do you find the most pleasant to look at and why? How would the world be different if there were no lambent objects in the night sky? The light reflecting off of the Earth carries our image into space: What sorts of conclusions would

Dolent 11/9/18

Dolent is an obscure term, but nonetheless worth knowing. It’s related to multiple words, e.g., dolor, dolorous, dolorific and of course the pulchritudinous name Dolores, which all relate to sadness. That said… Questions to Consider What causes you to feel dolent, and why? BIG QUESTION: The Moonlight Sonata (LISTEN) by

Noxious 11/8/18

Questions to consider   What are some noxious substances in our environment? (Resource) Most scientists claim that human beings are putting far too many noxious substances into our air and water; what effects do you think this is having on the environment? What are some steps we can take to

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